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Fix large blank space in Add/Remove Programs

When I went into Add/Remove programs on one XP computer I support, with the programs sorted in name order, I was shocked to see lots of blank entries right after an entry for a program from Apple. This was nothing  to do with an Apple program but rather a problem with AutoCad.

Kelly Theriot of Kelly’s Korner has a very easy fix for this.

If you have AutoCad installed you will want to try this. But if AutoCad is not installed, you have a different problem and will not want this fix!

I did the following:

  • Download the file autocadaddremovefix.zip
  • Unzip or uncompress the two files included into a convenient folder
  • Close  Add/Remove Programs
  • Run a command prompt
  • Type the following into the command line: cscript autocadaddremovefix.vbs //T:100
  • Then hit the Enter key

When I then ran Add/Remove Programs, my blank space problem was fixed.


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