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Fixing “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” in downloaded .CHM help file

File properties for “This file came from another computer”

When I ran a .CHM help file I had just downloaded from the Internet, I was frustrated to see no help text but instead “Navigation to the webpage was canceled”. I remember having this problem when trying to run the help file on a non-local drive – which Microsoft deliberately do not allow – but this time I was correctly running it from the C: drive, definitely local.

Looking at the file properties, shows a security warning at the bottom “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer”, with a button labelled “Unblock”. Clicking this and then applying or saving the changes, fixes the problem. The help then works normally.

This behaviour arises from Alternate Data Streams, introduced with  NTFS. See a discussion on unblocking this inconvenient feature.

To save you unblocking files individually, you can download a utility streams.exe from Microsoft to unblock files and directories, even recursively. Download streams.exe, with an explanation of Alternate Data Streams.

Streams will examine the files and directories (note that directories can also have alternate data streams) you specify and inform you of the name and sizes of any named streams it encounters within those files.


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